Monday, March 7, 2016

We love the rain

Sometime it doesn't rain, at all, for weeks and weeks or even months and months. I'm sure this sounds like heaven for some people but it is torture for us. We have no town water at all and rely completely on rain water, as do the gardens, forests, creeks, rivers etc. With a relatively small house we also have limited roof space to collect the water and limited storage tanks for the liquid gold of life. I'm guessing a lot of people have no idea what this means when the tanks run dry...empty tanks=no drinking water, no washing water, no toilet, no grinds to a holt.

When it does finally rain-We rejoice, shout Hooray, breathe longs sighs of grateful relief and we just want to stand in the wet. I see beauty in reflections, puddles, rainbows, clouds, mud, and love the way it washes everything clean. Balance is returning, well let's hope it is a balance and not a flood!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

K'gari- AKA Fraser Island

Living in South East Qld we are so close to one of Australia's many natural beauties. K'Gari, as she is called by her indigenous folk, or Fraser Island by white folk. Having Agathe here from France once more, I wanted to make sure we showed her some special places and we joined up with our good mate Gerard, packed up the 4WD's and took to the open roads. I will not lie, it is quite a mission to get there, about 4 hours to drive, wait for the ferry, and then another hour drive to camp, but so worth it. Such wild beauty.
The weekend we were there there was a real ship wreck, a fifty foot luxury catamaran, sunk in a rough storm on the friday night, and when we returned south on Sunday, the was broken us on the beach-absolutely smashed to pieces.  We spent the weekend just enjoying the sun, sand, sky and water.
Absolute bliss.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Big Little Paris

Street ART!!! Paris, I love you, You are so big and full, yet so short and alive. Walking to Poissonnerie Metro station I found the coolest flying Golfish, and this is how I feel, I have been swimming all my life and now I have these fantastic wings that are carrying me through these streets. So much to see and we have only a few days, but we will make the most of it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

le voyage d'une vie

After years of dreaming, planning, hoping, wishing and waiting, Lofty Meadows is finally going to FRANCE! I remember my french obsession phase that I went through as a child, growing up in Noosa, Qld, in the 80's there was a large French presence. Cafe Le Monde, was and still is a very popular Cafe on the main tourist stretch of my old home town, but my favourite was the little patisserie just down the road that was run by a very friendly french couple and sold my all time favourite- Pain du Raisin, although they called it a 'Sultana' for us Aussies. I would buy one (or two) every chance I had, I loved everything about them, heaven in a mouthful, and now I get to eat Pain du Raisin for seven short weeks.

We head for Brisbane International Airport Friday 12th of June and arrive in Paris, On Saturday, 13th of June, 2015. Shaye is currently in Germany and will meet up with us in Paris. So exciting!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Building a Palace-takes a team!

Well maybe not quite a real palace, more like a two bedrooms in the forest. They also happen to be the best buildings at Lofty Meadows, hence the affectionate term- "The Palace". It was always our plan to build a real house one day but for many reason we have decided that simply building bedrooms is the bester option. Finally after much planning, designing and redesigning this little humble abode is nearing completion. Once again we could not have done so much with all of helpers. Right back to three years ago with Yann from Quiberon, Fr. who cleared the site of trees and scrub for us, Jakob, Pippa and Derek who helped us dig the holes, Pramesh, Jakob and Michael who carried many barrows full of concrete up the hill, Steph, Luke, CyCy, Tom and Baptiste who helped me fetch over 700 lineal metres of timber and Luke even built much of the structure....and the list goes on! We are happy and grateful to have so many amazing people come to Lofty Meadows and work with us. There is still much to do with the tricky part being the finishing touches. Making it comfortable and most importantly rat and pest proof. As with any house in this area once rats and marsupial mice get in-they never leave. We will make sure that they can not get in at all so we do not have to battle with them nesting in the walls and ceiling.

Sourcing second hand and affordable timber has been absolutely essential. We mostly use our local demolition yard Caylamax for windows, doors, roofing and much more. I love Saturdays at Caylamax, wandering around discovering all the latest materials- they have whole kitchens, bathrooms, timber of all shapes and sizes but all sorted, de-nailed and measured, fencing, and anything really that has been pulled out of domestic and industrial buildings that they think they can sell.  The price difference is huge and the quality is often very good. If we built the same building using al new materials it would have cost three times the price.

I also like to keep a look out for cheap or free timber on ebay or Gumtree. I recently won over 700 lineal metres of good quality hard wood decking for $200. I was so ecstatic even though it did involve hiring a trailer and 5 people to move it all, it is incredibly good value for a fine product. The work load was shared by quite a few helpers and now we have built the new deck and the rest is de-nailed and stacked neatly waiting for the pool decking project. Which reminds me -time to order the sand for the new(second hand) pool pad we are going to build this afternoon!