Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catch up time

Shame Shame!..almost a year since our last post- Time goes by and nothing stands still at lofty Meadows! We have had fun car trips to Sydney, attended a wedding on a tropical island, we have been given a sail boat and amongst other things built a 20 metre Rainbow Serpent Dragon. Perhaps we were also distracted by the many months of no rain..followed closesly by the crazy flooding. Once again for us flooding mostly means MUDSLIDES! and we had plenty of days of mud shovelling. Every hill that has had any type of earth works done is high risk of sliding and it is so important to stabilise these banks with planting. This can be tricky when dealing with deco-not very plant friendly but there are good species that are fairly adaptable to the hard soils. We mostly use lomandra, dianella and cordylines and we desperately need to propagate many more for more erosion control.

Storms and wild weather also can mean no power for us and in late January this year we had over four days of no power. In retrospect the romance of the situation is strong no computers to work on at night, a lot of guitar playing and cosy candle lit dinners. In reality I also remember many hours spent at the laundromat particularly as everything was covered in MUD! New planting are going in and fingers crossed they will keep the soil strong for the next seasonal deluge.

More updates to come on sailing, tiling and giant puppet adventures.