Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fresh Juice

Our little navel orange tree is dripping with fruit at the moment and they are deliciously juicy. We have been having fresh squeezed juice every morning..with a touch of lemon and lemonade fresh from the tree as well. Having just one Navel tree and one valencia I am thinking it would be good to plant some more. With the new Lofty Meadows Organic Vegie plot that has gone in it would be great to compliment the vegie supply with a healthy crop of fresh citrus as well.
I will need to do a bit of research of pruning and general tree care. I was just thinking as I was juicing the oranges how happy I was that Lofty Meadows was getting to the point of good food production but how important it is to not take it for granted. With our lifestyle choice of growing organically and even biodynamically I am really aware of how easy it is to neglect the trees sometimes. So I am looking forward to rewarding this beautiful vigourous young orange tree with a healthy treatment of the Biodynamic Tree paste. We'll wait to do that til after we prune but for now I'm off to enjoy a fresh juice.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New garden 2011

After four years we have finally decided to put the front paddock to good use and have built a new fully enclosed garden. Measuring 11 metres by 17 metres it looks very impressive and is going to keep us very busy. It has been a very satisfying project from concept to design to construction in 48 hours! back and my hands are sore from digging and mixing concrete for the posts but I am still so excited about this new space to grow. We have already dug the first bed and will plant our Lofty Meadows purple king Beans and Snowpeas this afternoon.

We put the net on last thing yesterday and just have to finish edging it down and patching the last corner where the net didn't quite reach! Off to collect materials for some trellis to grow the beans and peas.