Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy days

It's been a while ...because we've been so busy! We have covered our Vegie garden completly to keep all the wildlife out...we'll see how that goes! We had wwoofers from Turkey, Germany and Israel that helped us out with that...great to have all those extra hands to wrestle the net- 25m X 20m worth. I am really looking forward to planting seed without the frustration of it all being scratched up!

We've had some beautiful Wallabies around coming right up to the house...it makes me feel glad we don't have a dog to chase them off..every now and then we see a sign up on our local noticeboard for some beautiful hound and the kids beg and we only have to remind them of the little wallabies coming right up to our front door

It's been perfect weather for working out in the garden and after all the rain we had everything is growing so well. All 300 of the strawberry plant survived the trip from the vegie garden to the new strawberry plot. I was impressed because I was so rough with them..just ripping them out and throwing them around. Looking forward to the 1st fruits!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The magic of Biodynamics

I attended a biodynamic workshop on the weekend and am feeling recharged in my enthusiasm for this magic method. We spent a day covering the therory of soil structure and the elements of biodynamics and we built a huge BD compost heap. So fantastic to have 15 people gathering and preparing materials-it came together so quickly. I'm looking forward to observing how using the preperations change our Lofty meadows.