Monday, March 7, 2016

We love the rain

Sometime it doesn't rain, at all, for weeks and weeks or even months and months. I'm sure this sounds like heaven for some people but it is torture for us. We have no town water at all and rely completely on rain water, as do the gardens, forests, creeks, rivers etc. With a relatively small house we also have limited roof space to collect the water and limited storage tanks for the liquid gold of life. I'm guessing a lot of people have no idea what this means when the tanks run dry...empty tanks=no drinking water, no washing water, no toilet, no grinds to a holt.

When it does finally rain-We rejoice, shout Hooray, breathe longs sighs of grateful relief and we just want to stand in the wet. I see beauty in reflections, puddles, rainbows, clouds, mud, and love the way it washes everything clean. Balance is returning, well let's hope it is a balance and not a flood!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

K'gari- AKA Fraser Island

Living in South East Qld we are so close to one of Australia's many natural beauties. K'Gari, as she is called by her indigenous folk, or Fraser Island by white folk. Having Agathe here from France once more, I wanted to make sure we showed her some special places and we joined up with our good mate Gerard, packed up the 4WD's and took to the open roads. I will not lie, it is quite a mission to get there, about 4 hours to drive, wait for the ferry, and then another hour drive to camp, but so worth it. Such wild beauty.
The weekend we were there there was a real ship wreck, a fifty foot luxury catamaran, sunk in a rough storm on the friday night, and when we returned south on Sunday, the was broken us on the beach-absolutely smashed to pieces.  We spent the weekend just enjoying the sun, sand, sky and water.
Absolute bliss.