Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's a delicious time at Lofty Meadows

After many months maintenance in the strawberry patch the rewards are finally starting to fruit. We picked quite a few kilo's yesterday and there are many more to come. The peaches are all looking sweet and plump. We have set up a fruit fly trap to protect our lovely harvest- a plastic bottle with a little bit of vegemite and water in the bottom and apperently it helps if you paint the doorway yellow. We have picked many kilo's of tomatoes and potatoes. Delicious roma and big plump cherry tom's. Fantastic in salads and also great for making chutney. My first batch of chutney only lasted two days before it was devoured by the hungry hoards.

Our first row of carrots is still producing nicely and we have planted a second row of both beetroot and red core chantenay carrots. The first of the corn silk has shown and we are following up with successive plantings. Our last helpers Alexi & Carol kept them selves very busy in the garden and planted a whole swathe of sunflower seeds and we are really looking forward to them growing.