Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three months and a Jetty

Three months just flew by. We've been super busy and have found that having wwoofers here certainly helps getting things done. Since our camera is broken all the photos today are from our fantastic wwoofers Lauren and Josie who were with us from Boston for 5 weeks. Josie and Lauren had a great time exploring the area and helped us with so many projects. We built a sweet little jetty on our dam affectionately referred to as the Lofty meadows pond marina. We were a little perplexed as to how we were going to dig holes for the poles in a large puddle of water when a friend gave us the tip that the poles needn't be buried. So with a bit of bracing we stood the poles up and then just braced everything to the poles on the shore. Really that makes it sound so easy but thats because I was on the shore helping with the bracing. Dave was the brave one who wallowed in the freezing cold water and wrestled the heavy poles into position. Then with the help of Wwoofers Roy&Yeji from Korea and Lauren & Josie the flooring went on. Before we knew it we had a party of pirates doing their thing on the high seas