Friday, June 8, 2012


Already two weeks that we are with Vanessa, Dave and their childrens as helpers. Time flied!

Once received very kindly by the family, we immediately began work with housing for an old caravan that was not without charm. We were very pleasantly surprised by their hospitality and the fabulous food that was served every day.

The family had a garden of 5 hectares at the foot of Mount Glorious in the humid forest, the work was not lacking. The vegetation is very invasive, weeding, slashing, cutting and planting were our most common activities. The garden has an incredible diversity of plants. After discovering the flora, native wildlife is quickly coming to us. Of the first day, a 3-meter beautiful snake had taken up residence in the kitchen.
We also everyday activities like picking fruits and vegetables from the garden, feed the animals of the barnyard.

Another activity that we could practice our greatest pleasure, is printing on clothing. In fact, Vanessa is very active in her association Upa tree that produces and prepares representations Puppets giants. To raise funds to make the pupetts we were introduced to create patterns on bags, t-shirt, ... The days were always very happy impressions and friendly. We were even able to attend the sale at a market and  attend one of the days when the association met to make the puppets.

This family very patient,  helped us to improve our English. Dave and Vanessa have also shared their lifestyle, their typically Australian expressions like "pardon my french"(expression peu glorifiante pour nous français; à dire pour s'excuser daprès avoir dit une injure). In addition, they took us with them to go to the "Sorry Day". In a public garden, music and testimonies were very moving. Being almost part of the family, we accompanied them at the violin concert of their daughter.

Not to mention the festive evening of Friday nights : ukulele, cocktail parties and giant Jenga!

Thank you for these two great weeks with you!